Vivai Lazzaro offers a wide selection of plants: a wide range of products ranging from small shrubs to fruit plants, from roses to ornamental plants. They can be marketed with bare root, clod or pot.

We have a huge selection of fruit plants suitable for both field / garden cultivation and for terrace / pot cultivation




Fruit trees

Roses are the queens of every garden. Unique for beauty, harmony and elegance. Vivai Lazzaro offers you a wide range of roses, different in quality and color.




Rose bushes

Vivai Lazzaro also dedicates itself to the sale of tall trees of different types, which can be used in different contexts: public parks, private gardens, commercial areas.






We have been operating in the flower nursery sector for several generations and we are in particular
specialized in the production of roses and fruit plants.


Our top-quality and rigorously made in Italy plants guarantee a secure rooting whether they are in pots,
clods or bare roots. Our strength is to try every day to combine quality with production, in fact, our 30 hectares cultivated
allow us to offer a wide choice of products each with different varieties and particularities.


We have been nurseries for over seventy years! During the entire production process we take care of every single moment, from sowing to final marketing, transmitting to our operators the passion and competence that have always distinguished us.


We believe that the link between experience and innovation is the extra weapon to offer cutting-edge and sustainable products. We are constantly looking for new tools and new production methods in order to fully meet high quality standards and meet the needs of each customer.

Some products

There are a lot of proposals offered by Vivai Lazzaro, Scoprile!

Discover them!

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