Plants in containers - pots

Description of plants grow in pots 

Fruit trees in pots:

3-year old trees grown in Ø24 cm pots.

Each plant is provided with a photograph of the variety, explanations in several languages and an identification bar code (for large quantities it can also be customised on request).

Labels are made out of P.V.C., a non-deformable, anti-theft, rip proof and weather resistant material. It can be left on the plant and used as a permanent identification marker.

Each plant is provided with an identification label with a photo and an explanation of the fruit it will produce.

On the back of the label are pictures showing you how to plant it and notions of the botanical and cultivation features of the plant in several languages.

Rooting guarantee

The plant has been pot-grown in our nurseries, so on transplanting will not suffer any trauma, guaranteeing sure rooting and early fruit bearing.



all year round until stock runs out.

Each item is supplied with an EAN code