Our Clients :

Garden Centres - Wholesalers – Large-scale retail trade - Nurserymen - Farmers – Hobbyists. We supply to customers all over Europe and in recent years we have started to work with customers coming from other continents ( Asia , Africa etc. ).

Shipping :

By road, sea and air – geographical distance is not an issue. Shipments are made in Italy, in the European Community and to other areas of the world. Shipments to countries outside of Europe always come with Plant Health Certificates issued by competent bodies.

Packaging :

On pallets, in boxes – trolleys and unpacked

Example of the identified card


Labelling :

All plants are supplied with a pvc identification label indicating plant variety and characteristics.



Modality Supply:

In Pots

3-tear old trees grown in Ø24 cm pots. Each plant is provided with a photograph of the variety, explanations in several languages and an identification bar code (for large quantities it can also be customised on request).

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Bare roots

Plants sold as bareroots are supplied in bunches of 10 plants. We stick a label describing the type of plant, variety and characteristics on each bunch.


icona pianta radici2



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Plants sold packed are light and practical.
The roots of the plant are enclosed in a wrapper filled with a mixture of wood shavings and peat.


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